American Baptist Women's Ministries

Ann Judson Circle

Our Circle only meets 8 times a year-the 1st Monday in
February, March, April, May, September,October, November,
and December, but we accomplish much.

We collect items for overseas (such as the Philippines and
the Democratic Republic of the Congo).  We collect and send
soup labels to the Hope Mission in KyKotsmoui Village, AZ.  
At Christmas time, we take items to the Bethel Neighborhood
Center Christmas Shop, and we collect mittens, socks, hats,
and gloves for Bethel as well.

We support a student attending either Ottawa University or
Central Baptist Theological Seminary during the school year
by remembering their birthday, and other holidays.  We also
send cards to missionaries.

We support Love Gift which goes to help our missionaries.  
Every two years we are assigned a project to collect for, and
our ladies are very generous, in giving to that.  One of our
favorite things to do, is to make cancer bandages out of old
sheets.  We are a working circle and love to do things for
missions.  We also set aside one night to work in the church.

So even though we only meet 8 times we get a lot